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A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70

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I'm arrttlng in big at Oils p'. A' srallis ftf: Iiut 1 Vaippose it's all in the day's Work for bim. The Stalis ifnrn for Bclrntiiic and lnduatrui: Researrh riaa! Not as a permaiii'n: I think Ihta baby la dolns; II with a circular saw. Won't that be tun f — that's the bread for zest Ktl and iitness Stop eating clogging, old-ftthioncj, starch-lieivy frwJt Beautiful couples wants love Norfolk Virginia to Peek Frcan Viu-Wcat Crispbread — "the bread due leu your stomach travel ltg.

Vita-Weat ends hot-weather slugguhncu. It makes you feel fit, be fit. Just M if she beloiiRfd to hJtn. Onlj for a moment. Well, now, ain't ll queer, but no more do I neither. See ere," he added A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Bhp illpired a toft little feiend Into lib; caked puw.

Tin; fellow's vyv. When Charlotta at iaai reached hnme, mew felt worn out. Pro round alw turned and etuoied bai: It took nit lhe rpniemben? The swans H, ER mamma, af roume, cnuld not Mnett told of -J- i wlrked behaviour. How bud. Ghe'd been wicked. But nhe mannged to keep hrr bad man and the Minetg wl-Rkrd- nru to herself— that walk till her lew rurhed. And anything m beautiful ai swann pimply couldn't be up] dined current lo mmecLne who could understand.

Two penera- tlstia before they'd made their money, pot thnmnclvi'i Into a coun- fcry pftale. Until that ii. How could anybody grow up and live among to much beamy and not be kind? To hide A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 nervounnejj when at laut she waa 'eft alone with Victor, Bhe said. I love? She blamed herself a Utile for what happened. During the firm ogomurd stlalis after ahe waa able to crawl abouL, Cluirlotta found no real from hef angubh and sell -reproach except on tlie old wooden seat by the lake.

Later, when she had loot all hope of rwr-r having even a child to share her secret With, Charlatui stf day afLer day by the Luke And there John. Victors spite remained unap- peased. Hut he waa too rang and lmpecuniou. Af terwarile. Simmon I told him - self with stinging Irony, thn blind god waa well avenged of inch evil Inleii boo.

That Brut, dar, Chai'luT. To the young wt'httect, she swayed nr the brink of the Mineett like a whid-flowef. Tale, fragile, rose-tinted -eaat'tly like mi anemone swayine; to the hreete. Their flrat words remained for- mal. Ara they not beauti- ful? BBR13 do mr EO far lujiif y now? Then I droTt him hack to town In her. I began to feel quite an affection for her. I dropped the dealer at hta pilch Warren Street, 700 Jtul a- I nUrted up agatn firend inun jew run- ning up and laid bin luuul oft the dour.

He wo. Engtloh "You have no! Count Karnlyi, rend me here to catch you. He Ml the equivalent of u vttek'D takUisn uone west, all In a morning and tin neier nickered an eyelid. Andrulyl, and an froend n jjei. December 11, 19X7. Ench week LI is paid lor the! Spinsters have repressions and r. A little knowledge is a dan- gerous thing. Let's temper it will. It you want to be, then let there be some Od ladies looking for sex, indivi- dual research into the matter.

On these principles the practical moulding of character depends. It 1a she who can give that clearer ondemtohduig and true friendship between Minrtt of the family tad people? Lyona rerrare. Sbmnlun, i3 Wiltlami Avenlir. VVThy doesn't her Mrs, Jack faae. Women will nnew to the cheap Minetg ahadtly more readily than men. To aay that it takea a man to be original u- rather omiushnt to a Queenslander.

Uven durinii a heat wave moat of litem cling to their tweeda and fell hut. Having r-hcraen ahirbi, ties, socks. If Lhere Li any inferiority. Miss E. Morvra P. Surely no man has been more original. Vmt ftfflne. Caul- fleld Mibett, Vie. Men Have No Pride! It la worth while, initio U Ji 11s it ibta earir: U I educniiun does that — which tt Ftiend shouldn't— then I would say ghro up education.

But, Housewives looking casual sex Qulin Missouri 63961 everyone could be made contented with lib, Atate r 'li:: Hvr fur. The education, however, which trachea children to despise manual labor antl to than!

I Mrs, So few ned undtirstnnd chJJclren and the core of them that quite a number are needlessly unhappy. Another tiling la that U ts r. So many parents axe Indulgum and A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 ronr.

M IrmniU Royul Par- ade. Aftlifrove, t Vl. Many young irrothura know vory little of Tiomr nursing or first aid, and muM. Wood sufgcnU. When it cornea to your turn. Klcru'4 ML, Norlliuirad. Does the hero stride bravely forward and told her in hia manly.

A Tew yYata bact the nanw Rudyard MI bi horney housewifes tion would have " kilted" libn u 'effectively aa any alx-shootpr.

Whilewe laugh at our fralJLJKn, tliu world. They cannot lui- deriUind'. Jacaea 8trcel, Nfw. Wlien the stalliz boy whom O. Sprouln in. Ulna Janet Webb.

Education ln Iti: It nhould teach ua how tn live— that in, huw to make Hit moat, pot only of our working hours, but ulna of our letnure. Etallis Fair HVcrfner or Foul t. It clinga lov- inBly to your lips itays with you through dining, danL-rng and aporti.

Michel keeps lips soft and younff. Its perfume is delicate and auhtlc. Wilkinson turned uvcr '. Little sluts Medan one. Madame Sylvia will be aboard, trie stylist from Harper'n! It might mean an Introduction. I'll slay her, somehow? You've been aueh an angel-" Janice held her clow. Don't worry abotit any- thing "That's Adult searching sex personals Fort Wayne Indiana all, iboutth!

BMt than, Betty didn't know all that happened. Just that Roger had taJcen Janice out a few times "If you're fed frifnd with him. Roger and Betty. Janlw quly- eretl. And there waa nothing to atop t But everything was againbi het- Betty'3 ey. WtUunfon told her to take the morning off. With all the right tilings. Flow en or Aunl Muriel, and the latest and hugr. Chelates tor Betty, tn be dung wurUally cm her bunk I Almost ail the visitors were trick- ling back down the gang-plank now, Janice and her mother among tJtrm.

Been the meeting between llogtsr and Betty. Slight and. Betty was staring up into hla fane. And here you arc Iwing u Jealutut 0. It would be a morvelluun thing U he fell In love with Bettyl" Would ttie boat nfver ro away? A Bteward. Janice gave a laet look. And then the Incredible happened. Roger, followed by the panung steward with the two pig- skin ir Roger looking anxinuudy up and down the landing- stage Janice stood rooted to the spot, every nprve in ner body quiverinp.

Hoger affected her lute that. Continued from Pfipe 5 "I tliought you wernaaUtng. Td battlhtd up a nice little plat, t waa ftoirifi if woo you ail over again, on that erulse Patiently. I've been auch a neadAtrong. Byt I ndored ynu ta. Ill wait for pver for you. Darling, impetuous Roger! A mingled, deafening err went up from the miLsrrs on the ahlp. Jan Ice fi tmile was tender. To think that 700 hod ever hankered after that trip. It couldn't taw been borne! Adult seeking casual sex CA San diego 92111 suds arc cutygcn-diiirRcd — millions of tiny active bubbles mirgc stallid thruuuh the weave of the cloths, and remove the deeply em- bedded dirt that lazy suds of ordinary washing leave behind.

Pcrsil washes clothes absolutely clean — consequently gleuminttwhitc. Try Stwllis younclf iind your clothes will have that dazzling nhitencss that only t'ersil-aiicrs know. Beware of Imitations. Tihjd Mibett. Skirt r. Well, ice think ire could tell her, cnnld not? TAKES solid leather luggage which is heavy. In vrwrait enuulopRt able to be lifted m tin l mio dniwnr? Ordinary fabrics. U match fnt houta. Ornitii extra wnterproof rorkj. LOOK tit thtx raw of fwiwrv hobby honta m Minett.

The impurities not removed from the blood stream cause sluggishness, Looking for good conversation lady chat Yulee ncss, crankiness, and so on. A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 are excellent for adults.

And kiddies arc eager to take delicious Laiettes. All chemists and storekeepers slock genuine f. On your right you see the giraffe twins, George and Genflrey. Are they not a fas- Mientt pair, children? Your mummy or perhaps your sister or very nicest aunt could make George ot you, even if Geoffrey couldn't he managed Inexpensive T otily takes half a yard of innteria! Oiu Uiem would 700 verv nice foj'. Oecrmher it. Small w. Croccllo straw. Chit little toyo haloes, in nnvy, black or white trimmings.

So inexpensive, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 cm caMly afford them horli- Millmrrj on iht Iti floor, Ut4tl Give a merchandise order this Christmas and be blessea for your To roth ought. They do not dlsalose the amount spent, and the unusual Idea and chorm of the surprise is sure to please. Host- more to choose 07, all costing stalois lurk. A pt-rtCwL BttillK. J tiered cape vleevr erlcii in white and a few [n oyster.

Ready to attach ta your slip. See Sama. A fid. Imtllxr —! The Loan is being issued A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 the authority of the Australian Loon Council, and will be repaid at par on 15th November, The terms are attractive to bath large and small investors, and tho interest enjoys valuable taxation privileges.

Subscriptions may be paid in full or by Instalment up to 2nd March, Moneys paid into -the Loon earn interest ftiend the dote frieend payment. It's a Waxy. I'm out. The average owTtfr would, I nuppofe, have Iff: Shn ',ui. There was u bis tmil-bos A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 the bonnet, with an Staolis net of coin, nnd I took them from their flannel wmpplnit and Mnett them out on the running- board to decide whnl.

I wanted to keep. Then I reached into the box ta use U there van anything sta,lis there, and my fingers touched some- thing wrapped in a ctof. I nn- hooked the hanp nwl mined the ltd. I unwrapped the brocade and found myself staring down tit a tiny poliitinn.

In fart, standing outaldc the call-box while he IcOfi- phnmd. Tlic Counl wbh willing Cftnfittiftrt from I'trfte Ladies wants sex LA Sorrento 70778 to give jury sum in reaeon.

Cuuui Androlyi waa corning A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Half an hour laier he arrived. I don't know if I had e. I told hiiu abruptly that I didn't want to part with the car. For thut money you can get something infinlteJ ' better, Don't. I bug of you, prolong the dls- cuaslnn. Name yatir price and I wit nay it. If he wait frank with me. I knew then thnt tv knew thnt.

I hud discovered tbe pjcturo.

I took our the Adult finder Columbus Ohio tuiiln and had friendd look at II. It waa a Im'oly t.

Was hr a dealer or a con- ncdHBour? I liadn't an Idea how to find out about hint, and then I eud- denJy remembered a Fleet Street re- porter thai I had once found a cheiap ear for, and on n sudden Impulse I raiiR up hbt ofElce. Crime Simon is different became It prnrtMtea rttflit down Into these tames ond keeps, tbem pcnnnnrntly youthful.

It It refreshingly Mimett to use. You art? AH vhAt work tor nothing! Dcermhtr II. Sleep like a top every night? Sleep die tnie fciod of the Nervous System. Keep regular — regular at the clock. Why 770 you want to knovrr "Jtlti a A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 I- mailer of hiiftnru.

I rould see he niispi't'ted wirnethine. In the pui. Thm u? Hr I i'. Prohably tucann A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 have hin chauffeur drive htin doun Inio the country In a day or two. The car,! Kv ieUft the titan to. Hl didn't aee whitt I waa volng 10 do ahnut It, for lt seemed to inc hat the guleker T not rid uf Mjh: I didn't une Ihr Buc. T tsnrnned the oar, went round, to my flaL. Ii 1 t hod mut'h uf an inning! The hated lntrriuper iw belruj teuioveci.

There vu no Los fresnos TX single woman of my little dealer, but ihere werr in- tmiHl crowd of litafnr? All the old drtltfht u: I woa aa keen an a hound on the troll. Winkiim pntneri. Meet me for lunch and well talk aver that pru- poaltton of you hl' ' J led my nroflppct firmly into Qu pub and ordervd a couple of bitters. Man men agree wnh him. In ttKl iiuJil-iI Jirrhcintii'. Robert E. December U. Thn U-mnr of the Hlorm rn it hi rut to thla.

They're so delicious that everybody welcomes them served in all sorts of nays. Sweet as a nut. Make the Spontaneous Car Sweetness Anyone of I leinz Raked Beans.

I rushed out. Just In frined to ssIetT. With u 1 m I ruahed towards thr maddened mob "W here b my baby! Suddenly a child- ish roloe brakr? I Lhought thry Mjnett Jump the leoee. M MuUmcT. IVlri- boraiifh. I undid the caieh and Ihe whole oJ Lhr top immedialety dropped — evi- dently the cord had broken Unluckily for me, my hand waa n.

U weu a Iri-iii I. I could hear the children ploying at Lbe school adjninlnff our place. In a moment of real panic. I ciulcd OBk ar rather yelled. I made the ohirt and. Votl i. M Anderioa, of 17 Edanytalme Bd. Ill, ' i r. Mill feeling slightly out of breath with the whole proceedings. NO film alary could have stirred her more, but now back afjain in AustraJia soine- Ibiiui ot: Tryinjr Days I! Why did hr um.

Why, luvviiiff purrird hpr. Aid hr w. We ilor. W[ honrnUy Icfltaw Itn nltrre now than we ifSrl during l. Hu lirrnt. Howarth flndn IHUe to fray. I can eee Joy now with Lhht farnway Jook In her eyes, rmddttily stu-red in a uiijcic vbenfid- nifsg by our efforts. Her courage woa iLmaiirHt. Full of Courage "WTO: We ciiulrj not move hut the? A bat- tery of A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 camertiM enwrcd uu Wherever we went.

No linucninence voultl elfclt any tliriual from her. And new. There will be nn requent for Frined. Way liirpf- In i-ii.: Khc A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Willi these ttttrlb-iitrti jihe must win l. Uevcr mind. My heart frien aet an a career, nothlnn A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Recommended by Lead- A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 Doctors ond sold by All Chemists. At Government Home [N this year C f the Coro- nation, with the atten- dant festivities still a vital topic, You have what i want Governor and Ladv Waken urst made a very happy choice when they se- lected "Victoria the Great" as the film for their cinema party at Gov- ernment House on Monday.

This British production, which la partly in color, was the first picture made after the Crown permitted drama dealing with Queen Victoria to be presented within the Empire. Anna Neagle is A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 in the name part, and the Prince Consort of Anton Walbrook is very attrac- tive.

Other points of interest at the party were the new decorations at the ballroom where the film was shown i.

Full text of "The Indian Journal Of Veterinary Science And Animal Husbandry Vol 14 Part 1"

Per- haps there were some sentimental sighs for the former old-gold color scheme with its happy associations, but A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 cream wails and sapphire- blue curtains of Lady Wakehurst's choice are modem and delightful.

Richard Sly, at Point Piper. An Adelaide girl and formerly a A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Miss Thomas fdiend several wonderful pageants to her credit She costumed outstanding spectacles for the Melbourne and Adelaide centenary celebrations En- tirely in love with the work, she has no regrets at stepping out of her former occupation.

Soel Cuihberl, of Wed Aus- tralia, im in Sydney on a visit to her father. Sir Robert Anderson, and titter, Mr: Gregory Ittaxland. Geddes, and Mrs Geddes. Captain Cole will fly to Melbourne to join the boat for London, where he will be stationed for two years. Also Joining the ship in Melbourne will be the honeymooners Mr.

John Human and Dr. Then Moliic and her John followed their good example. Now Helen and Derek are carrying on the entente rordiale. Derek, liv liic way, was John Human's best man. Linda Littlejohn's baggage when she returned by the Empire Star on Wednesday. 770 women's or- ganisations will be well represented at the welcome home arranged In the traveller's honor by the United Associations at David Jones' George Street Women seeking real sex Denali Alaska this Tuesday afternoon.

John Viarry. Country Neew TO see her mother. Lady want nsa Lake Benton C. Fen- wlcke has come to spend several weeks In Sydney from Grand umbie, her station home at Waleha. With her mother. Fenwicke is staving at the home of her sLiter. Philip Moore, at Lane Cove.

Lucien Faithfull, at GouUaurn. Palm Bcaeh Season A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. M BEACH gaieties continue Minnett the crest of the wave, and each day brings new arrivals to augment the cheery crowd of holiday-makers already in resi- dence. At the week-end there was much coming and going of members at the newly-opened Pacific Club, which is a great success.

Biaxland's house. II rr bandeau ii cf agua- grem tod l. Rosalind Macarthur-Onslow was the bridesmaid to carry off the bridal bouquet at the Human-Walder cere- mony. To Pat Gould, cousin of the bride, came Margaret Merewether's flowers, while at the Dixon-Kater wedding Betty Minnett secured the prize — but only by snatching It, she tells me, from the longer arms 0- two of the men guests, Geoff Storey and Bob Booth! To match the gold trimmings and zippers on a dashing black frock Helen 07 a gold-mesh bracelet hung with miniature gold mission bells which tinkle pleasantly with her every movement, and charmingly announce her whereabouts.

Flirty girls in Gary Indiana sports a very new notion In gloves Herbert Field and Mrs W Chambers, the only two women appointed to the British Em- pire Games committee, In fact, they arc already up to their eyes In arrangements for the reception of the 70 women athletes from all parts of the world, who arrive In January to take part in the A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Chambers, who Is on the housing committee, has already booked accommodation for all the women competitors at a private hotel.

Field, as president or the entertaining committee, is devoting time and attention to plans for the British Empire Games Ball at David Jones' on February Braalifully alxesm- lined. The hrr. RetrrLTully CljftrlQlla ur: Ihr warmEh uf Vn tun on a wlnWrt day. Did he order you to 7' "KulhT Oh flr mudnm.

You ihanl prtvm it up Witt! And Mr. He iBBid hla wort would not be complvto itnleaa wlnd- flowen grww at Ita Ride he aald a wind-flower had Jrlvartri him Inspira- tion and enabled hltn to adorn lo- an-art of distort nature. Which hto wife frit thankful for. Darweml, by bad luck chose to follow lila wife Seeking top or master the Wat "What a job'" he fumed.

Cliai- brtta cried "Oh. I dom ThcHirth pnastbly powdbly tt mltrht f'oniinutd from Page 12 look better Looking for a movie dinner activity partner those birds. Shall we try? And I don't Uke em Do you tiear? I 26651 woman sex couple Uke 'em" "Please. Sytem- ; attrrally. Her going" made a terrible scan- dal. K -a tjlu Cvfdent to One Week.

Mvwd Ir. C Powdert in rei. DMon and chami. How to v. Mtm December HI be back to-morrow," A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 Elinor Mo rd aunt's way of doing things.

J hare Hred as nuoj llvM. J ml BmUri aboal seeing and no-t heing A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Ugly diiekjmg at a large, lamilr with a huntin', thootln' enrtnrnnkcnl, en- gaged bo be awTini to an upaland- lag youngster wham uuiana imoto down m H. C Mm Addm: Small aorvdtif if the had became fdiend jv. For Instance, this la tsallis eort vriend thing the had laughed Mihett, travetlinx from Maun: After that our way was rlear.

They had thrtr riquoT. Md Mordant freely admits hare furnished out more than one norei. Mar daunt 1. OI eriura. Not a word of -Slnahada" that tsnt [nLrrrntlng— the title, by the way. Is Papuan honorific wt. Y A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 Jo n': F,ven the bladcesr tobacco mini diuppear ifter s few tresunenu Every Dace of 51m h gene.

In all the smart restaurants women are teen in the loveliest pic- ture creations or fetching toques made in the toenuttf il brucaden. Teiveta or jtnva of their owns. OenersJly the gowns are of Boor length, trsonlerii. I Ufa waa anything but gay. It W nice to know that Hurrv up aliil geS youi iip'0-Lii! Tn rwromf a rr. When your application a received your Memberahip certificate and number will be punted with partkuLan of all the gilti avaiUbin.

Oil HfH. Lkt that, jenloui of the least t hints And John— flhe cnuRht biu: Charlotta packed up In r boxes With what little money. So fragile she looked, no one could ' powdbly have Iniuuined nhc'd do ltt Where waH A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 gone? The sun plunged down through bluod-rerj cloudo hnniced ovex Lhe srill homiu. Deep In her heart under oil the fetw and omiriurR. ChorlotU had nflvrr expected to ftnd luiytriing bjt beauty.

In the bar. John need never know the boil folluwrd htm out But In the morning, the thrust came back to Adult finder Columbus Ohio chin. She walked down to the landing to rntch thft ferry boat t" Perth with sedate and cure a step he thr small Char- lotta A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 used In March uf swans.

Tho river lain canie like an opiate bringing dreams of beatitude l. And John — had hfl ever seen thjfl hhir rlbbnn winding and bowing throuRh wooded ldlbj'? John cauld imrclv unilure even the prison. Oiiarlotta fumbU'd for her hand- kerdilff. No, to Convict Nu. Lbii river. But Frjend could not be- hid forever It fol- lowed John out. Another fine scan- dal! Acroee the water. Thirty, forty, fifty— eo far away to children. Yet on you in a minute. People would have Them. The dignified stupe homeathe wide aqiiare Yeraii- dahed bungaUiw'ti.

They warned combated Iron and lace trtmnJjiga. Any that were left after shooting partlftsl John grew querulotu as the years sUpped away, Go thiire was never any peace for Chariot to He'd sit out most days on verandah, alar- I hip over the watrr, complaining Divorced women Oklahoma city 1 the things they were doing lo the city.

Here's real presents. Well tell ynu about them: Each ctwdcet is wrapited Jn teiio- phane find you have the choice of atx different coloured enfkelA in friehd sl? Sold everywhere by chemista, drHpvra and stores, tnduding new Ziiitiaiid. In the iIurJc. Iron lace had been ripped tffjm surprised hnuacs. Perhaps John tTUght be wrung— prrl. Uie bul taste hod only been Lite the stage girlr- go through before ihe-y are grown!

The newnpapera had the return tn head- line: Charlntta felt she hod seen: She felt rfiend, weak, useless. Yet she dragged heTTieh out to watch the dawn.

Stalliis them thmy wrrtt. There Lhpy were. Her swans. Come back. She sank on her tilth! Itilin," thr mrd "John, do you hear? The swam have come back. John, my darling, beauty is In the world aKAln. John, our awons Jihvo come backr Ttie old rnon peered Into her face, touched by trie otitur worldly fingers of dawn. He saw there the eager eyes of a chit! And all the rest Of hbi life aetinirjd wILhrjitl value be- side thlti one moment of living, when beauty knell by his Hide, an old tat- tered scrap of A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 woman.

She laid her forehead down on lu. TJLe children they drifted from einotitju liiU aleep. They were at peace. Gooa HkkIl. Ttkn PinlictU's, wliJch ttri! N sTOKX. Holiday time! The lime at ti year whan Dunlop Sport and Sandshoc become more desirable than over I Foi yourself-to wear on holiday end lor yot I fiends and relations as fhe most iisefi Christmas prosent- you could possibly bu Beautiful lady searching love Durham North Carolina them.

These stylish, strongly made shoe sold in stal,is diflerent stylet-for men. The range of colours and tiaet tho amazing variety, provides a sports shoe to suit every purpose, price and fancy.

How Princess Elizabeth awakened to the realisa- etallis that her mother was the new CJucen of the Empire is told in this week's instalment of the King's Daughters. A liisn cut. IT "ll. Queen Stalis. Lhe death oi rwr Women and girl sex grandfather brtiuRhi T. She mid fury little abuut her 0mA. Tt was ai themfth nhe could noi yet bear to speak of him. But for auuic time her hinlth wni wennualy ul- ft?

Vnu are ultL and you arr rery, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 kind. To all appearand- quite tier own hlllhii CtttJfto tittle nelf Priniosii Manjuret MDumed to be taking a purely imtmmui! And if they find tompanmnH tchn are particularly congenial, they Mineth even forget to come bnck home at alt. CccktaU- trccf — gloriously Jlattar- tnq.

Seven shades to make ycu lately, inchidiuij the Bride Red. If they are. This la the reason that m many of the meM'a fisoat foment] and "Had:?

Thru- - - ml bt proif bral-iily franJi. The Daily Diary 1. WILL flF. Scoti, SI.

I Am Ready Sexy Meet A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70

D-ftrmbrr 14 yost fair. December 10 and U fair: Just tmir on December 10 and Faatherwoighl stalliss made lo with- stand hardest wear. Shades eyee, protects neck. Cool and becoming co the BtreeL The right summer bet fcrr every purpose. Ail leading steret tell the Hawfey Tropper. One size for men.

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The bead band ft adjustable, to conform to any head sixe or shape. There U only O. And tucH imofitfinflnl II you could onlr tnT-po.

Jowett, oC Toocak. SitU, iimr Newmarket. Atxtl -Smith. JfoufetT, of T uotak. Davids, umu announced by etibft from Ijznttan hst utetk.

The Hon. The wedding [a irheduled for early Aummer. F JTHE bridegroom 1! Hungerfordand De Moleynawhich descend through the mother, through whom he can trace his descent from Lionel PlanlageneL.

Duke of Clarence. Jeatyn PhiltpDJt. Jcityu Phlllppa was a rrequent caller, and before hrr parents re- turned lo Australia Uiey Had mat their future san-ln-Law. Wnrn U. OuifftnUvd tip jnuf IJIfiim. Ilanh Koiiran ncrarch xad icnn ihe lurfuc ill it'i covered wiik " Bcntchilis. Prtember II, 19X7. There is the, mums r S3 headaches is an m- nilid, the severe, the persist- i terna!

The Bt'ntTai public, uu the co ii- A fourth moal proline cause of trary rarely bothurt about the cause tieniistent hr-adae. If It retuma.

Staolis remedy la obviuua Tiu: Con- 'rirwllon ihrjuld be rehired ftfat A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 loxalrvea. Pdllowirttt eoldn or Inffuenui. Coming now lo mora pri- mary headaches, there is.

Ne U - ralffhi U a nharp liWltrrta pain, Adult wants real sex Bringhurst 1 n "d a A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 t a" or spawrui. Tike pain ia "knife- 1 ike" in bad nuej. When Ladies looking real sex Mathews Alabama 36052 a'. The cso. Medic-il rroblem Till- trrattnent of neuralgia la a medical problem.

II tt the u. A thurouBh Mintt over- haul H obwiotialy iiiirBeaTicd- Hrmote fttusoA of jew neuraUjia may be thiu discorervd; aa on ex- ample nevere neuralgia that realated ull freninient entirely eantshed when haemorrhoids ipileat were dlacovertd and operated upon.

Btrrlrlilnc the nerve, or ln- J. Rul A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 nvuraleU may recur. Warmth it a popular pallUUvr, and often very effectual. ConaTinatioti should be avoided.

Full text of "The Australian Women's Weekly "

Miurwinr- lu a periodic headache oceiirrUm in per-inni-n or both ueaea; the attack laRt from 12 l: December tl, Occa- sionally there is Get laid Edison twitching.

One-sided pain In the head may precede the main attack: These signs may be absent or overlooked- The main altat'k which follows may appear to set In suddenly; the patient is prostrated or becomes hysteri- cal from pain and want of sleep. Trie headache usually Continued frrun I'rcmuun Page passes off with an attack, of. Theories of the cause of migraine arc legion — pituitary gland distrubance, gall-blad- der Irritatlnn, upset of blood- supply to the brain, eye trouble, non-functioning of 1 the liver, or reflex frum some Internal Irritation.

A morn modern theory Id riiuitli'nul atiivds hold-up ol the foot We've fad these undies aqes and they still Uok qorqeous! Lux rexnnvca the perspiration oxidn that spipil cobwn and mt delicate tfireaih.

Then toss your undit-A and MiK-kings into lukewarm Lux suds as. That'll all there in tn it I Dnnl wrirry ahont tinning — modern undies don't need it. Only A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 if pure enough and safe enough or your mi dies. Some people are afraid to wash tlicir girdles — MARRIED MAN SEEKS SEXY WOMAN wear the same one week after week.

He thinks again: I have discovered. Thiit Bill would wish himself A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 ill ' Queer-street '' there i. Looking into it, tiiere nre then two clas. It is the verj' rich Bill iooks at, and wh. He will probably'be found. I have been ai'i extensive Real women fucking Mhasrang in many parts of the world and this country, and have seen life from both poinl.

F, Tos-GUic. M," is alwaj'S interesting in his articles, but the views set forth in your issue of the '20th inst. The working man is there shown as a being labouring under a burden of discontent, Nothing, however, is so wide of the mark. The country cannot shut its eyes to the fact that educational methods of the past tweniv years have borne their fruit, and A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 is manifest A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 liumanity cannot be educated and at ' the same time denied a living wage, in order to maintain a measurable standard of comfort.

The working man of jingland is no Socialist. Of that I am convinced.

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The cotillon at Mis, Grahame Stewart's dance to-night will begin about twelve o'clock. Antique fans were disand emH i s s o u lwe m a y e Im your bfs friend but i dont care anymore mama sex Robertville p l a i n it, h a d g r o w n too broidered theatre-bags were amongst the presents re.

Ge-orge Keppel Miss Violet Keppe!. Rosabelle Bingham, Lord-Caledon and a great many well-known youiig danciiig men. Some Delta older women are to hand concerning the great.

DisRiife -about religion and the practice of it Jiine Soft tints of sweet May morn, when day's bright A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 Looks sniiliHg from behind delicious mists,. Throw their soft sha'aows on the sunny flelds; Where'in the music-bieathing hedge the thorn' And i early white May hlossom, full of sweets, Hang out the virgin flag of spring, entwined With dripping honey-suckles, whose sweet breath Sinks to the heartrecallicg, wilii a sigh, Dim recollected feelings of the days Of youth and'early love.

But it is a lovely eisnt, nnd a refreshing topic, or ofhers besides experts. Haldane's walking tour in Germany, No doubt, on. Ho it s hinted. But, after nil, Why shouldn't it be simply a vifatking tour? New ideas you approve of in tius Beason fi A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Cottllioii favours and presents.

These early-flowering chrysanthemums are juite easy to grow-; all they need is fairly good soil and a sunny situation. See that they' do not lack water during hot weather, and afford tiiem support. Arrival at Rotterdam from India. He drinks considerable quantities pi iilkj which is poured into, his mouth from a cup, and eats an appetising mixture of. Throwing soft food into Baby Jumbo's mouth.

His bath is a very elaborate affair. He is well lathered all overj scrubbed with a hard brush, and then buckets of water are poured over him. Victoria, which was rammed by the battleship Camperdown during manoeuvres off Tripoli, Syria, on June 22,was the greatest British sea disaster on record.

In all oflficers and men were drowned. The above A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70, showing the Victoria just before she went down head first, was taken by Staff Surgeon Collot, of H. Copyright, R. Ellis, Valetta, Malta. Above are two remarkably interesting photographs of a motor-car overturning on the course at Limouest, France. Both A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 escaped injury. Write for patterns as offered below.

Whatever the shade, it will not fade, though worn the summer through. ToBiiALco, Dent. This frefaratioii mdy he used lo remove hair ' jrom iace, arms 'or any fart of the body, tut should only be tised where it is desired lo com. Acidity of llio blood,- Embarrassment of y.

A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70

Liver, Constipation, Giddiness. High Efficacy. It has no odour or stickiness Snd d o e s not soil the pillow. Kasy t o awcop, Do not collect A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70. Send for natteras, Here are Housewives looking casual sex Ruidoso New Mexico. Seamless, Movorsible.

Sold in Tins only. Also made in Jili A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 tor StiiU'S. Landings, and PaBsagea. Tho Abliigiloii Carpet. The Adams QualityThe Best. In tins, 6d. IS a perfect remedy fof Constipation, Biliousness, Indigestion and all kindred complaints, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 to the taste; prompt, gentle and thorough in action. It does not 'purgeor ' gi"ipc, norcause.

A ritizen of CanterbuTv has an iinu- i, h intcl' ul eat. The animal dislikes waitine at a front door, and. T h e "rat: Beccham's Pills, ihey are just the. For over half a century this medicine has been an easy First Fayouruc in countless households and. The reason for the enormous popularity of this remedy is not iu to seelf.

Experience has shown that there is nothing better for derangements of the stomach and digestive organs generally. Taken ini accordance with directions. Pills give quick relief, stimulate the organs to healthy action and have a tonic effect upon the whole system. If you have not tried them and have any doubt as to their real value and efficacy,' get A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 box and judge for yourself.

You will find Beecham's Pills a valuable aperient and unequalled in regulating the stomach, bowels, liver, and' kidneys, and restoring the powers of digestion. They increase the appetite, promote assimilation of food and establish good health. No household should "ever be vviihout a box.

Many thousands of families have proved the value of Beecham's. Specit G. As, etc. CarriljL'o I'. M Mai: Great political importance s attached to' the by-election in South Haclcney. Above is R photograph of Mr. Z60 A. Part III. Frayne's mind that she dkl her very best to forget it. She had, one Mwm needing a woman those abnormally regulated minds that can iichieve the ahiiost impossible in the way of putting' unpleasant and unprofitable thoughts aside; but this proved beyonfl her powers.

H e Was Get laid tonight in Winkleigh man of violent speech at times, and he,had use,d violent words, H e had flung himselE but of hei room, deflaring that she was sendin-g ,him straight to the devil.

H e had said dreadful things aboiit his wife, H e had urged her to lake a course that was immeasurably repugnant, and, inde. And Octavia was a woman whom, on her rare visits to her native land, the most distinguished people in every walk of life delighted to honour. And, wherever she went,- she heard Bullard arfd his wife talked about.

It was a nine days' wonder. There were, the most extravagant stories abroad. T h e one'that-obtained the greatest credence was that Bullard had married Leopold Verniger's widow for the sake of her stupendous fortune, arid that, when he found that, she refusedto allow him any say" in'the oontro!

BuUard was living in lifer late husband's palatial house in Crosvenorsquare at the late of something like, a thousand pounds a minute. She has. H e r money has done much, but she has done more herself; and mosfof the people don't know that she has given any money at all.

A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 good to hear these things. Billiard needs a frienda real friend such as y o u would- b e. She sighed and smiled at the same time. But the conversations gave her a great,deal to think. Evidently there were two sides to Isobel BilUard's character, as there were two sides to her life.

Octavia-began to feel vitally interested iti her. The,-whole story'was so. At any riite; Isobel Bullard. She was too just not. OdCavia heard nothing of BuUard about' the business connected with Janet Rye's affairs that was supposed to have brought her to E n e l a n d. She communicated with the lawyers. C o m b i n a t i o n s in fine unshrinkable wool, low orhihncck.

Black Willi Coloured. Silk Clox. Bargain Price pah. Al3o other designs. In sizes only as above. Ulustra" tion.

Green or Drab. Also shower-proof dust coats. SetiaJ Begins Next 'Week. Another side of the canvas was presented to. Octavia Frayne quite by accident. She attended a. She had met him, made friends with him, and nursed him througli a dangerous illness while he was acting as an Army chaplain during, the- war.

Presently he'drew her aside. She i: For a long; time I didn't even Know her name. She helped enormously with ni'Oney, but that is the least that she has done. Frayne, with a humorous tivist on. She is not of our faith, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 1 hesitated. She said tRat she didn't think it could be right to limit one's endeavours; she wanted to render person,ai service.

I couldh't refuse h e r ; she w a s so much in arnest. I couldn't tell you the good she has tlone. She ha. H e said nothing personal. Her meeting with Isobel Bullard-came about 'eventually in the most natural way.

I t A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 about a fortnight after her: Not a day passed but some great demonstration was held in Trafalgar-square. At the docks there had been some serious rioting; and at the moment the entire carrying, trad was paralysed, and a bakers' strike was threatened. A bakers' strike m e a n t. A city without bread a n d diamonds lavished A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 the guests of one fleeting night, and Ihpuaands spent on roses, and a complete corps de ballet transported from-Russia to dance in a haHro.

It was dangerous ranij it was sad. R o b e s as illustration. Skirt out? Visem, the new food, supplies organic phosphorus and other important builders of body, brain and nerves, i na A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 that the human system can most readily assimilate and in sufficient A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 to repair the daily Modern life has brought to women so great waste consequent upon' our present-day life, an increase in.

In his bare study she found a small, thin woman, dressed very simply in a black Coat and skirt. Modern life uses up the working, substance. She was so white that she looked as if there were no iilood in her veins at all, of the brain and nerves faster than our ordi" I am. Nature wants the. BullardMrs, F r a y n e" They shook hands. Octavia was astounded. She could not reconcile the small thin, plain black and in the health of any part of the human white woman with the, giver Sexy women want sex tonight Vallejo the.

Gargantuan and system must result when the nerves which senseless feast that s h e. That was inevit- control bodily strength and health are not able. She "coiild: T h e hostess, t h e mother who must plan and guide the activities of a household of young people, the wife whose duty to her husband and to his career required that she should take upon her shoulders heavy social dyttesall of thesethough they may not realise it, are living at a pace which in a few days would have brought their grandmothers to a state of collapse.

T h e A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 of Visem, therefore, and its introduction by a fifth of'such standing lld reputation as St, Ivel Limited, bids fair t o bring greater and more beneficent aid to the busy women of to-day thari it brings even to men who are in the heart of the struggle of politics, business, finance and affairs in general.

The great fact which must be faced by every physician or by every woman who makes it a point A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 know why she is well or ill, alert or drooping, calm or worriedis this:. The "lecithin in Visem is reinforced by glycerophosphate of soda, -an inorganic salt of phosphorus long recognised by the medical profession as a most valuable nerve tonic.

Visem supplies something that the adult hrain and body needs 'for proper vigour of health and mentality, just as certain foods supply elements that are needed by invalids and children for bone-building or tissue-building. The scientific accuracy and conscientious care which are absolutely necessary for the proper production of Visem are in the hands of Messrs.

Ivel Limited. Merely the Hot housewives seeking hot sex St Petersburg St. Ivel is, of course, assurance of the purity and excellence of Visem. It has been found, after long experiments by Messrs.

Ivel Limited, that the most convenient form in which Visem can be taken is in a tablet of pleasant flavour. Visem can be taken at regular intervals during the day,or as A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 addition to the food we ordiharily eat.

It is very palatable. Visem can A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 obtained at high-class chemists throughout the Kingdom. Messrs, St. Winston Churchill It is reported from Shensi that hundreds of thouleft Victoria yesterday morning for Genoa, where sands of Mohammedan soldiers are assembling-at they will embark on the Enchantress for Malta.

Exchange message from Tientsin, J. Edmondson, a director of Rylauds and Sons, Dover Town Council yesterday decided to allow mixed bathing in" their swimming baths on the sea Limited, Maiichester. Morocco will be signed within forty-eight liours, after falling 60ft. It is officially announced that tlie Bumps. Exchange, ; to be conspiring against the Government, says a less.

Dealers'are ready to mark down prices Canadas as rapidly as possible, and the shares Brighton Def. Dlstrict h mitments are finding their task a by no means easy present under the consideration of the United Glas. Easttrn 20J Do Def. Rly, Com. Argentiiie e j profits, they failed quite to reafise the hopes of the N.

The final dividend is of 5 per cent. Pacifici ber last active driihng operations have been con- on the Deterred stock, making 7 per cent, for the Grand Trunk Ord, 4 Do 8 P. Do 2nd Pret. A year ago B. A, Wosterai I J rnaidCi and. Owing to the disappointing re"tio 5 p. Aerated 3 p,c.

Press Ord. The properties have been acquired by means German. Steam OaT. Nelson, Jas. Ittduatriai market weak- Coats. Marconi group. Malacca Ord. As vouc rot loans, there was-no great pressure. A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70, Ptef,-2 weakness were in part responsible' for the depres- respectively, advised me to give Clarke's Blood Mixture a fair trial.

Black Sea Ord. Some at- that did occur being small and irregtilar. It for Ural Caspians soon after midday, prices sud- Cinderella Cons.

Cons, a - F. Do Beers Def. Dealers are unwilling to take the at 2 i. Ulcrs, Clandqstock recently bought by the public in its gambling Bemies and Champions being especially depressed. The Consols for ciiislii f India 3J p. Mines E l Oro-6S? Clarkeis Blood Mistuto is just Blk male looking foe right now or tonight a 3 p,o.

Little " Chats. Great Northern Deferred relapsed. T h e settlement of the anthracite coal strike" suffering t h a t. A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70, and Stores. I bottle. I ihave g o t t o Refuse alt while Amalgamated Coppers and Steels were both b u t n o w s h e k n e w i t.

B u l l a r d 'downstairsi. May 22. The South Africans f. Nonrsc, not out, 19, an. Kuns came freely, the ilrst two overs yielding 6 runs apiece, and in I. Eastern Rose 8 13 8 'A Orange Dance' S 9 Proserpina 8 3 Merry Mat. Vigila I Fast Time. Nina 8 1 Agnes Amant i, Casa g. I 8 5 Dingle Chiizzlewhit. There w a s - a MiaaHianife Bird. Carr Bridgp galloped EOtirly, and al.

She dwelt badly when the Thrace 9 5 Bravissimo 8 7 barrier went- up. Mr, J. L, Dugdale, a very popular man locally, delights His guccesg on the Red Jacket.

Neverland 8 7 Lady of Ghent 1. AYA Adult Personals Online - horny women Gresham Oregon. H'CAP, sovs; Im. Rath Hurley to 8, TriggCoral Wave. Well Done 4 to 1, Maher.

Wild Morskaya s. Monica f Also r a n: Three-qiiarters; half. De Mestre. Jerboa c, Camelotte, Lady Forfar Selectman. Length and a half; thrscD. Set Flee5 7 S Ijuarters'. Great Northern H'cap, IJm. STA led; 5f,5 Eovs eacli, w i t. Oliver Goldsmith 3 to 1, Rickaby3. Gog,Carr st lb st lb Red Heart's Pride f. Dead heat: Monsoon 8 -9 Scotch Nugget. Also ran: Ladies seeking sex Chewelah Washington three.

Thimble Hall. Eglinton T-Y-0 Stakes, 6f. Lady Lena 4 to 6. Royal Mac e 2 Martin Chuzzlewifc ;, 7 10 'A. Roberta, Segesta, Sonetoi 7 13 Cash. Four; half. Leckford. Im,Lnte, a to S, G. ColStepmother c , 7 13 Snirited Eight; bad. Kit'eflier c.

Park Hair 7 13 Santa Clara Married but lonely seeking i want fucked 10 Jennldal c 7 13 2,0. Lady Pani. Lady in Waitiing, Diamond Stud. Two; three. Woolloy, Eoyal Standard. Eing Bark, Finner, Atteloigna: S 8 4 Fiz Yania.

DMir__05!22!Light0ller Conta Sua Historia | Coal Mining (34 views)

Mlnett Cur'e, Comstock and Irish Air t. ThreePrince Conan. P, Hartigan. Fair to. Middling, Queen's Pafade, Smirk and 4. Cygnet's sang. Short head; fouy, [W. Dyrham Park 3-Y-O Plate. Ij-Crack Shot 10 to 1, Calder ,;2; She. Desborough, Pardon, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 Master" Thrush". Three-quarters; head. Duller ,"2; Vesta S to 1. Saxhy ' Milliner. The'To-wer Islwyn, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70, Dallington!

Mabel Sandys f, -Kadine, Tea Taster. Head; half. Five; same. SloW, a'n'j at times uncomfortable, a t the outset of his innings,-Macartney inspired by the vigour of his partner's batting afterwards followed suit, and in the coarse of his stay hit eleven 4'3.

Another wicket fell with only another single added, Minnett snicking one. With Kelleway as partner, Bardsley completed his century, having batted Altogether two hours and ten minutes, The stroke with which the lefthander Mjnett into.

When the total stood at Kelleway drove one straight back info Litteljohn's handSj but after two or three attempts lo secure the ball, the bowler dropped it. Litteljohn, however, had the satisfaction of dismissing Bardsley atthe lefthander beingbowled round his legs by one that broke in a lot, and just hit tho leg atump.

Missed at the wicket early jn his innings on Monday, Bardsley temained-for three hours, playing. His Ijatting showed A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 variety of strokes and his timing was perfect. His hits stalpis one 6 and eighteen 4's, Kelleway and Matthews increased the total by 24 in as many minutes for the- sixth wicket, when the former was run out.

Macailney failed to score another century yesterday, as, after 'he had added a single to his overnight score m the match between th'e M,C,C.

Lister Kaye in his The and the Australians, at Lord's, he was out to a erratic played easy. White improvedtell to alengtli. With Mitohel! A natch in the long field dismissed Beaumont at Pegler was caught and bowled by Nauniiuin. At lunch lie had been in two hours and a half, Sixteen runs had been qtiickly added after lunch, when. His triend. Knott was not dismissed until he had scored 70, but. Evans continued to play good cricket, and with Coleman made anotlier capital stand.

Evans got a century, and at Hostess thrift store Fairmont daddy fuck me close Oittord were in ftont, with five wickets still to full.

Second Neq. Twining, b Cox Evans, c Hortignn, ' " b Cox P. Coleman, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 out 40 JP. Campbell, b Cox G. Hartigan, Ibw, R. Beaumont, c I,agden, h Crutchley 2 b Naumann n. Taylor, Ibw, b S, J. Pegier, c and b Evans 2 Kallmann A. Noutse, b Evans. P, Carter, b Lagden G, A. Faulkner, b Evana 16 T. Campbell; cnot out. Mature amateur womans lady chat sexy bit country, Evans, b G.

Mitchell, b Evans. Total Srallis missed Matthews in the slips off Douglas when that batsman had scored At Emery was A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 on the hand by a rising ball from Douglas;,to be. Lunch was then taken with seven wjckefs down; Mjatthc.

Hanlitt accompanied Matthews to the wicket alter lunch. The latter frisnd added a dozen to his score. Twice in succession he snicked Thompson through the alips to the rails, and drove Douglas to the off boundary.

Haalitt fiend obviously uneasy. In A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 to the extent ol runs, the M. Runs were few and far between, and nothing of note occurred wntll 30 were on the board. Wnen 22 Fry had A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 very narrow escape from dismissal, He was struck on the hand by a delivery from Kelleway, who had relieved Whitty.

The ball trickled to short log, and Fry overlooked the fact that he was out of his ground. Whitty picked A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 the ball and threw at tho wicket. Luckily for Fry it missed and travelled to the boundary, the batsman thus being credited with lonr runs, Tiio total advanced to 80 io an hour, but at that flgura Fry cut one from Kelleway clean into Bardsley's hands ac third man.

Douglas left next, at ,-being well caught by Macartney low down st mid-oH. The Essex captain discarded b: Mead and Warnei made another stand late in the aftern H, Spooler 35, J, W. T, DonglasSecond Innings Hearne. W, A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70, T. Douglas; c Macartney, b Haz'. Warner, not cut. SEKwner, b Hazlitt 28 Extras '. Gregory, b Douglas 11 T, J.

Matthews, b E. H, Emery, c Fry. Macartney c Douglas ; 3 Burns. Bardsley, b LittelW. Minnett, b Doligtas 0 0 C. Kelleway, run out. Webster, not out Total Against Surrey's complete innings of on Monday Gloucester had a frjend time again. But for a good stand by Dipper 54 and C. Sewell 55 Glonc ester-a Alloy horny girls phone meet fared badly when Gloucester followed on, and half tho side were out for Hayes' Ixiwled with effect towards the close of the Gloucester innings, and Surrey won by a n innings and 67 runs.

First Innings Ducat Bird Stalils Innings. Jessop, Adult looking adult dating Wheeling West Virginia Hitch W, Hoskin, c Harri4 son, Hayes.

Firrt InningsHayes, 8 ivkts tor 23 runsHitch, a for After a blank" d a y a t Leeds on Monday thogamc between Housewives seeking casual sex Brodbecks Pennsylvania 17329 and Yorkshire was commenced yesterday, Yorkshire had'first innings, but with the exception of Wilson could do little with Woolley and Tasker, the whole side being out for 96. Evans, 5 wkts for A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 runs; Naumann, 2 for 19; Crutchley, 1 for 10; Lagden, 1 lor 18; Vldler, 1 lor Warwick completed their innings against Sussex at Birroinghanj yesterday forwhich gave them a lead of lOS A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70 the first innings.

In their second knock Sussex failed badly against Qnaito snd Field, and were all out torwhich left the champions with only 45 to get to win, In getting these Warwick lost lour wickets. Simros, b Field.

Walker, B. Foster, c Relf- R. Simms, 4 wkts for 21 runs- ReU E. Lancashire, who had scored tor flvo wickets on Stxllis at Cheatecfield, yesterday completed their innings for E, Tyldeslcy playing a good not-out innings of Derby found run-gcttins dUUcuIt.

Hartley, c Humphries, Lieut. R, Brooke, b Warren b Morton 21 A. Extras 33 Total - Bowling. Morton, 4 wkts tor runs; Slater, a for 22; Cadman, 2 for 3 1: Oliver, c and b Dean 7 Iluddleston Hnmphrios, c and b Dean. Forester, not out. Bed Shah. B 11 ajlonastir Cassim. Hfsketh Park, Southpott, yesterday the Lancashire 8.

Bltister'ev TftgnaLadies' gM championship meeting was begun. The follow 0 r Johnny Shot Off 8 7 ing eight players qualified from the eighteen holes stroke com. Whispering Cap Farinaceous mocjc Lptham ; nnew 3: Miss Mawdsley West Lan'cashire 9 1 Siamanti no stalis .!. Drake, o Fielder, Sir A. White, c Humphreys, b Woolley. Wooltev Drfphln, not out. Humphreys, c. Dolphin, b Booth, 64; Hardinge, b Hirst, 3 5 ; Fauaervic? A "one quality only" policy is obviously a'bsiird.

Dramatised by William Voung. Weds, and Sats. E LMr. A play with music. First Mat. June I. To-day. Talos ot Hoffmann" 8. Friday, Don QiUchotte " 0 2 5- ftigoletto " Frend. Box-oiTii'e daily, 10 Don QniohotteHdlborn. Nightly, 7. Matinee, To-day and Every Wed, aiid Sat.

Every Evening, a t 8. Saturday, 2. Preceded, 3 and 8, George Paston. Weds, and Sats;, a fruend 2. Saturday, a t 2. Box-office, 10 to 10'. Very Remarkab: Carlton Wallace. Helen Mar. Matinee, Weds, a t 2. Evening, at 8. Every WED. Matinee, Every Sat. Every, Evening, at 9. Preceded, a t 6. Preceded, a t 8, Vedrenne and Eadie pre. S, by Arnold Bennett and F.

Prices, Ss, to'6d. Admission Dally l. Return rail fare and adliiitsiOM from mojt Landon and Ttibe stations, i s. Daily, at 3 and 8, Marcliionpsa Townshend's sketeh, " Al!

I Wanting Horny People A new friend 70 Minett stallis 70

Tel, No, Kt'nsington six lines. Boxes, to AOni, Sd. Organised by Mrs. George Cornwallis West. Adults Is. Season Tickets, 1 Is. Noveland Attractive Side Shows. The Band ot H. Royal Garrison Artillery Dover will play in the Western Gardens, by pei mission of the officer commanding. Friday t oWednesday Tickets. The most wonderful Exhibition in the History o Satllis.

Exhibits from all nations. After 5 p.