The Steinkeller Brothers Achieve $2 Million Per Month With OneCoin

OneCoin leads to wealth. Aron, Christian, and Stephan Steinkeller recently revealed their $2 million monthly salaries are thanks to investments having to do with OneCoin. The brothers joined the online currency sphere with bets on the cryptocurrency form. Success has given the Steinkeller brothers a top position in the Business For Home Top Earner rankings.

The OneCoin Difference

Many consumers are familiar with Bitcoin, which uses a blockchain system in its exchanges online. Bitcoin is its own currency that requires users to have a wallet through one of the many Internet hubs that support its database.

Variety has its benefits, but it also comes with negative implications. Bitcoin has suffered several flounders in 2017 simply because of its lack of stability. Hackers, in particular, have been able to steal currency from users’ wallets and demand ransom in exchange for Bitcoins already taken. Theft comes relatively easy on the Bitcoin platform since the content of financial portfolios is public information.

OneCoin is the better option for consumers. There is only one platform from which users can operate, and technology safely guards pertinent information. Investors can rest assured that their funds will not be viewed and hacked by online pirates. Cashing in on financial gains is straightforward as OneCoin works off a request payout system. A simple request renders hundreds, thousands, or even millions at once. OneCoin gives everyday consumers the chance to get in on the cryptocurrency revolution and earn bundles of hard cash in return. Bitcoin does not give its users such opportunity.

OneCoin’s Success

Contrary to many cryptocurrency startups that make promises without substantiated evidence to support claims, OneCoin has evidence of its ability to garner thousands for consumers.

“2015 has been a great year for OneCoin, reaching $1B Market Cap already in October,” the company’s executive released in a statement several months back. “Imagine that if all our coins were mined today, we would have been the biggest player on the market! We made that possible thanks to the efforts of the OneCoin leaders and everybody in the network, working hard to promote the One concept.”

The “One” concept focuses on its core markets in South East Asia, India, South America, and Africa. The corporation is headquartered in Europe where many, such as the Steinkeller brothers, have caught the vision and found success. OneCoin has more than two million members in its targeted regions. There is no telling how many more consumers will join the revolution once the concept catches on in North America.

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