The Power Couple: Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan

In 2018,  being one-half of a power couple is the dream. Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan have achieved what seemed to be a fairytale by using their professional knowledge to form a partnership that became an invincible love.

Roald and Patricia Achieves Success

Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan

Even though Roald and Patricia live in the Netherlands, the success they have achieved with the Success 4 All- OneDream Team OneLife Organization is attainable from anywhere. Roald and Patricia started out in the sales industry at young ages and soared quickly to leadership positions. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Roald and Patricia’s paths crossed when they became employees of the same network marketing team. This is where the fairytale becomes reality. As they each grew, both professionally and personally, their skills and abilities were honed and a partnership of powerful business savvy became a force to be reckoned with. Mailly and Numan quickly became known for the amount of charisma and passion they poured into each and every team they worked with. The success of each team is a proven track record of just how incredible these two forces are as a professional unit.

The couple has not limited their possibilities by only working with chosen service and product industries. The capabilities of applying their passionate and charismatic approach to any industry broadened their knowledge in network marketing for various industries from the health and beauty industry to the technological industry, such as internet and telephony services. Roald and Patricia are likeminded in their point of view that you can never learn too much. They do not think that “their way” is the “only way”. Their system is adaptable and they are always open to a new way of doing things if it opens up the door to additional industries for them. This eager approach has made this couple easily adaptable to any environment since they are always open to opportunities for education and thrive on challenging themselves and one another. Opening their minds to think outside of the “norm” in the network marketing and sales industry may frighten some, but not this couple. They love to defy the odds and see things from what may sometimes seem like an impossible point of view.

Patricia first heard of network marketing when she was 19 years old. She said that what drew her to this industry was not only the potential to make impressive amounts of money but the potential to do something “new”. No one had taught her about network marketing in school, and the excitement of the journey was overwhelming for her. The thought of starting fresh in an industry that no one, not even her parents, knew anything about and rising to the top was invigorating to young Ms. Numan.

Roald’s reasons for being drawn to network marketing were very simple: freedom and time. Roald loved the concept of being able to achieve financial freedom, but in addition, the idea of being his own boss thrilled him. With network marketing making it possible to work less and make more and have more free time for the personal aspects of life, Roald knew this is where he wanted to dedicate his young ambitious energy.

Impressive Networking System

Together they have created a networking system that is geared toward freedom, both personally and financially, and fueled by constant innovation. This system has proven to be the force behind a highly successful team. In just a short 11 months working with OneLife, they have already climbed the ladder with rapid succession to billing over $100,000.00 per month!

After just four months working with OneLife, they achieved the rank of Diamond and are already very close to achieving the rank of Blue Diamond! The couple’s friends, Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, were the first to tell Roald and Patricia about OneLife. They knew about the successful and lavish life Igor and Andreea were living, so when the couple approached them to tell them about the OneLife organization they were highly interested. When they discovered that financial education was the key product being sold, Mailly and Numan knew they wanted to take part in this evolutionary program.


Future with Wealth

As innovators working toward a future of alternative financial freedom, devoid of traditional banking institutions, Roald and Patricia look forward to using the tool of financial education as an integral resource to empower other couples and individuals to take control of their money rather than their money having control over them. Through OneCoin and OneLife, these two couples have not only achieved wealth in their personal lives, but they better understand finances. With a better knowledge of money and how it works, they both have a powerfully ever-growing team of individuals who share their same vision for financial freedom.

Roald and Patricia don’t plan their future based on achieving a new rank in the company, they plan their future according to their visions of expansion both professionally and personally. Their system seems to be working great so far.

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