OneWorld Foundation – Schools and Education Program

The OneWorld Foundation is a non-governmental organization that takes donations from all around the world and puts them to work supporting children’s safety, health, and education. Based in Bulgaria and founded in 2014, the Foundation is involved in 34 countries around the world. Worthy nonprofit organizations from all corners of the world apply to the OneWorld Foundation for grants to support their projects. The OneWorld Foundation is focused on making a difference in the lives of children everywhere.


The OneWorld Foundation has supported schools and education for many years. The Foundation is heavily involved in reaching students from disadvantaged backgrounds where their social class and economic hardships can prevent receiving a quality education. In Peru, India, and Nepal, students are able to attend classes that would not have been possible without the Foundation’s financial assistance.

Some of its other projects include providing access to secondary schooling for girls in Baluchistan, Pakistan, a remote area with the lowest literacy rates in the country. Girls pursuing higher education face cultural challenges in accessing education. The OneWorld Foundation also focuses on lowering these barriers so that all girls have the same access to education as boys.

Along with secondary education, the OneWorld Foundation is also involved in children’s day care and preschool programs. In Fundulea, Romania, the Foundation helped to open a day care center serving 50 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children receive a hot meal and are encouraged to learn and play together.

Water and Sanitation

A special area of concern for the OneWorld Foundation is its Water and Sanitation program. In developing countries, access to clean drinking water and sanitary toilet facilities can be limited. Disease can easily spread when people are forced to urinate and defecate outdoors. Cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and E. coli infections are rampant during the rainy season.

The OneWorld Foundation has supported the construction of sanitary facilities and access to clean drinking water in several communities in Africa. The most recent is the Mombo Primary School in the Bangem Sub Division of the South West Region of Cameroon. The Mombo School did not have safe toilet facilities prior to the work of the OneWorld Foundation. Students and teachers had to try to find privacy behind the school.

With the construction of the new facilities, everyone associated with the school receives the health and safety benefits of using sanitary toilets as well as enjoying clean drinking water. Safe latrines are another piece of the puzzle in encouraging students to attend school regularly.

Together with the building project, the OneWorld Foundation supported personal hygiene classes to help the students learn to keep themselves and their families safe from water-related disease, such as the importance of hand washing.


Along with improving the daily lives of children around the world through grant-supported projects, the Foundation also produces Internet content aimed at children everywhere. The Kids Corner of the OneWorld web site features a web comic called The Adventures of Super Ted. This comic focuses on financial and economic education, empowering students to make educated choices in their daily lives. The comic is supplemented with a series of video lessons and a computer game.

The OneWorld Foundation continues its important work to better children’s lives. Children in impoverished communities around the world benefit from the Foundation’s support of their educational needs. Communities in Africa benefit from better access to sanitary toilet facilities and clean drinking water.

Children from around the world with access to computers are able to enjoy The Adventures of Super Ted and boost their understanding of economic and financial concepts.

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