OneCoin’s DealShaker e-Platform Taking Off

Attention OneCoin fans: OneCoin’s “DealShaker” e-commerce platform, which launched on February 16 of last year, is taking off. DealShaker is designed to enhance the OneCoin Ecosystem, allowing merchants and consumers to seamlessly and easily transact OneCoins for merchant goods and services. The platform increases the usability and value of OneCoin.

OneCoin’s DealShaker e-commerce platform

OneCoin is the exclusive cryptocurrency available for transacting on DealShaker. DealShaker allows for both OneCoin-only transactions as well as OneCoin and cash combination transactions. Merchants are able to sell their products and services at a discount or full price and can offer coupons as well.

Consumers and Merchants Benefits

The DealShaker platform benefits both consumers and merchants. When joining DealShaker, merchants gain access to the OneLife Network as well as a OneCoin user base that exceeds three million users. As always with OneCoin, trust and transparency are paramount. When merchants register with DealShaker, they must provide “Know Your Customer” details about themselves and their goods and services.

The DealShaker platform has grown significantly in the three months since launching, now boasting more than 32,000 merchants and 200,000 registered users worldwide.With DealShaker, cryptocurrency users around the world can choose OneCoin to transact for hundreds of thousands of goods and services, all with the security of knowing that their transactions are being made in a transparent and secure manner.

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