OneCoin – The Leading New Crypto Currency

The world is currently being flooded by cryptocurrencies. Ever since Bitcoin entered the marketplace, there have been many more cropping up to fill a market void. However, not all of these cryptocurrencies are up to snuff, not even Bitcoin. That’s where OneCoin comes in. It’s the newest cryptocurrency to come out and has all the markings of a rockstar cryptocurrency to help and fill a void in the market that can only be filled by a new cryptocurrency. With that in mind, OneCoin fulfills all of the needs of the global community with a set core of unbreakable values that make the cryptocurrency what it is today.
In this post, we’re going to take a look at OneCoin and examine just how it’s become the rockstar cryptocurrency that it has today.



OneCoin has developed a proprietary global vision for its operation, one that includes all countries in the implementation of its cryptocurrency. It provides borderless as well as low-cost financial solutions to all manner of problems. OneCoin is so broad that it serves over 195 countries and six continents all around the world. It’s this level of globalism that will allow OneCoin to be competitive and sustainable going into the future.


Another one of the excellent benefits of OneCoin as a cryptocurrency is the fact that it is truly borderless. It aims to provide quick, low-cost financial services to anyone regardless of where you are or who you are. This is especially potent when you consider that not all cryptocurrencies can offer this benefit. Some are constrained by borders which limit their efficacy.


OneCoin is completely and utterly transparent in all of their dealings. In fact, OneCoin set a precedent when it became the first cryptocurrency to store KYC documents in its blockchain. OneCoin also works alongside governments as well as policy regulators to ensure that it’s as transparent as it can possibly be in every step of the process. This is especially pertinent as so many other companies and cryptocurrencies get increasingly closed off and secretive in their individual dealings.

Easy and Safe

OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency that is completely easy to mine, use, and trade. No advanced knowledge or any complicated hardware is necessary whatsoever. Its centralized model is part of what makes it so effective at keeping its members’ safety and security while it also ensures compliance. For example, OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency that actually audits its blockchain.


OneCoin has a vision to become the number one cryptocurrency in terms of users and usability. OneCoin aims to demystify the whole cryptocurrency experience, something that other similar cryptocurrencies have not done. As a global company, OneCoin makes it simpler and more efficient for companies to make their dealings all over the globe.

Powerful Blockchain

All transactions, as well as mined coins, are recorded using the blockchain which operates every minute of every day. A limited number of 120 bn OneCoins can be mined in total, making it limited and impossible for the currency to get inflated over time. OneCoin boasts advanced technology that allows it to process more transactions than any of its competitors. Its blockchain is a testament to its transparency as a company, as it keeps logs of all transactions which can be looked at in the future.

What is OneCoin?

OneCoin is a currency that was developed through the use of cryptography and developed through a process called mining. Each digital coin is completely unique, in much the same way that a paper bill’s serial number makes it unique.

Unlike money that would be issued by a government, OneCoin has a finite supply of coins, which will effectively make it impervious to inflation, and it can’t be counterfeited. Since the cryptocurrency isn’t tied to any one central bank or service, the value of the coin tends to depend on factors such as usability, supply, and demand.

When you join the OneCoin network, you become a part of a group of millions of OneCoin miners, and you are able to choose different ways to benefit from the OneCoin. You can choose to mine the coin and so end up benefiting from the value of it. You can also make payments and transfer money from and to any part of the globe.

OneCoin’s blockchain is setting new records by processing KYC information every second of every minute. It does run every second, and it’s been constructed to meet the needs of both the merchants as well as the users.

It has a reserve amount of 120 billion coins, which makes it one of the largest reserve currencies in the world.

Management Team

The OneCoin management team is effective and is dedicated to providing safer and faster transactions across its customer base worldwide. They study all regulations and comply with them intently, thus fulfilling their desire to be transparent, honest, and true. Thanks to the business knowledge of its founder, OneCoin became the second largest cryptocurrency in 2016, and it’s poised to grow even larger going into 2017.


Because partnerships are an important part of business, OneCoin has endeavored to create the most powerful blockchain that performs more transactions than any other cryptocurrency as well as more transactions than major credit card companies.

Because they aim to create a mass market for the coin, OneCoin aims to create global usage of the coin. OneCoin is truly the best cryptocurrency for merchants, as it’s easy to use and runs a blockchain each and every minute.

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