Why You Should Know About Juha Parhiala & His $625k/mo OneCoin Cryptocurrency

Why should you know Juha Parhiala’s name? The man from Finland, who has been living in Thailand for several, has built up a worldwide organization that brings in as much as $25 mil per week. Chances are you’ve already heard of his work and just haven’t realized. Perhaps you’ve heard of his growing cryptocurrency, OneCoin?

Parhiala Shows Impressive Success

Thanks to his innovative take on cryptocurrency, Parhiala is bringing in an impressive $625,000 per month! The digital currency was started back in September of 2014. Though his company has its headquarters in Europe and operations around the world, it has a real stronghold in Asia. However, a recent merger with Conligus has led to quick expansion into European markets.

Juha Parhiala

OneCoin focuses on South East Asian countries, Africa, India, and Europe, and continues to grow and create new offices worldwide. This is in conjunction with their firm plans to create a market in which they have more than a million traders, with roughly 2.1 bn OneCoins being issued. These sorts of clear goals are part of what’s made OneCoin so successful.

Another big reason for their success is their innovative take on the cryptocurrency system. They offer more than just another cryptocurrency – they offer OneAcademy, which offers essential financial education centered around cryptocurrencies. This is a valuable resource even for those with a good fundamental understanding of currencies. They don’t stop there, however.

OneCoin has Impressive Technology

OneCoin uses all of the latest cryptographic technology and is well up to security standards. That and their solid marketing concept together have made them a fast-growing, highly sought after currency. All of this is enhanced, of course, with the OneLife Plan.

This high-income opportunity comes packed with lucrative, expansive bonus programs that offer only the best rewards. OneCoin offers each of their traders a one-time opportunity to make untold profits from holding two of the most coveted and truly innovative products in the budding cryptocurrency market – OneCoin and Aurum gold coins. (Aurum is unique in that it is backed by real gold.)

With such a unique take on cryptocurrency, it’s really no surprise that Parhiala is making a fortune for himself – and others. It will be very interesting to see what sort of changes and incentives OneCoin comes out with in the coming years.

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