Esteban Merizalde Achieves Financial Independence with OneCoin

In just a few short years, OneCoin has grown to become one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market. Like BitCoin, it isn’t a tangible currency but rather a digital currency that’s not backed by any central government. With cryptocurrency investments on the rise, OneCoin has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world achieve financial independence, including Esteban Merizalde.

About Esteban Merizalde

Merizalde grew up in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, where he had entrepreneurial spirit to succeed at an early age. Statistics show the average salary for Quito residents is approximately $483. Granted, the cost of living is significantly lower here than other, more developed regions, but that’s still not a lot money. Merizalde didn’t want to settle for an average income, so he began exploring new money-making ventures, which ultimately led him to the OneCoin-OneLife network.

After joining the OneCoin-OneLike network, Merizalde heard the cryptocurrency was about to launch in Latin America. And being that he grew up in Latin America, Merizalde knew this was the opportunity for which had been looking.

Of course, OneCoin had experienced success in other regions prior to its introduction in Latin America. In eight months, the OneCoin-OneLife network had roughly 8,000 staff and countless leadership ranks throughout the world. Latin America, however, was an untapped region for the cryptocurrency that was ready to be explored. Merizalde took the initiative to focus his marketing and promotional efforts on Latin America, helping others achieve financial independence with OneCoin just like he did.

Overview of OneCoin and How it Works|

Similar to BitCoin, OneCoin is a digital currency that’s not backed by any government or financial institution. Each OneCoin currency unit is given a unique identifier to ensure that it cannot be reproduced.

Furthermore, there’s a finite amount of OneCoin units to protect against inflation. While governments can simply print more money at their respective Treasury departments, this often leads to inflation by devaluing the currency. Inflation isn’t a problem with OneCoin, however, as there’s a limited number of units that can be produced.


So, how do you acquire the OneCoin currency? OneCoin is part of the OneLife network, which sells educational packages and “mining” tokens to its members. There are several different packages available for OneCoin-OneLife members, each of which comes with a specific number of tokens. Members can then use the tokens to mine OneCoin units and diversify their income.

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