DealShaker Launches to Accept OneCoin Cryptocurrency

Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard about DealShaker? If you haven’t heard about DealShaker, then you must have been engaged somewhere else. DealShaker is the largest e-commerce platform that uses the OneCoin cryptocurrency. At DealShaker, merchants can accept OneCoin cryptocurrency for payment of goods and services. The platform allows you to buy goods and services using your Onecoins. The OneCoin team strongly believes that purchasing goods and services using cryptocurrency will bring value and practicality in business and in the finance world. The e-commerce sector has grown widely all over the globe. Now the world is becoming acquitted to e-commerce.

What is the Catch?


According to the founder of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja, both merchants and OneCoin users stand to benefit a lot once they join this e-commerce platform. The platform is enabling promotion of business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deals. When you sign up as a merchant on DealShaker, you will have access to three million people who are already using Onecoin. This is a huge audience that you can target and market your product, thereby increasing its popularity around the globe. So it is a win-win situation.

If you are going to sign up on the DealShaker e-commerce platform, the company requires that you accept at least 50% of payment for goods and services in OneCoins, and you’re free to accept the rest in cash. Of course, you can accept the payment in 100% Onecoins, or you could set the payment at, let’s say 75%. You can choose whatever percentage to accept in Onecoin as long as it not less than 50%.

How Merchants and Consumers Stand to Benefit

DealShaker is the number e-commerce platform to accept OneCoins. The cryptocurrency has grown remarkably and increased in value ever since its launch in 2014. So far, the OneCoin/OneLife Network has reached over 10 million active users. On top of this, Dr.Raju and his team are hoping to have one million merchants register on the e-commerce platform.
Merchants who join the network will connect with other over 3,000 merchants who have already registered with DealShaker. Also, as a merchant, you will be able to market your products and services to consumers based worldwide. Currently, the stats are at three million OneCoin active users, and the number is still counting.

OneCoin uses the Know Your Customer (KYC) system to maintain honesty and transparency in their dealings. DealShaker is operating under the same policy. So all merchants who register on DealShaker have to provide their personal details along with information about what they do.

Since OneCoin is the exclusive cryptocurrency on DealShaker, the currency’s rate is fixed. The current exchange rate will determine the coin’s rate at any given time. So merchants and consumers will not have a hard time doing the conversions.
Remember, DealShaker is a hub that creates a favorable environment for both merchants and consumers to interact. For this reason, merchants are responsible for all the deals and transactions they engage into with the buyer.
Indeed, DealShaker is an exciting e-commerce platform and a great development of the OneCoin/OneLife Network.

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