How Anderson Chester is Helping Caribbean-Islanders Reach Their Dreams with OneLife

Trinidad-born, Anderson Chester has found a high-tech means through crypto-currency ownership to pursue his calling of giving back to his fellow Caribbeans.

Anderson’s Success Starts Early

For the 38 year-old, it all started when he decided to attend the 2016 OneLife Coin Rush event at the Wembley Stadium in London. Despite the financial risks of potentially putting himself in a prolonged period of unemployment, Chester was motivated by his keen sense for spotting a business opportunity with strong potential and in an industry that he was already familiar with. That’s exactly what he saw in OneLife.

Having training as an insurance agent and with more than 10 years of network marketing experience and strong belief in his abilities, giving him a bit of a risk-taking streak, Anderson Chester had the background that becoming a successful OneCoin IMA required.

For Chester, all of the pieces have come together quite nicely, proving successful enough to convert him from a merely interested OneLife side-line speculator into a success-producing, committed believer in the mission of the organization’s program.

An innovator in the Caribbean marketing segment of the OneLife Success4All team, Chester along with Black Diamond program mentors, Andreea Cimbala and Igor E. Alberts, promote the core offerings of OneLife to program members and affiliates, including financial freedom and the ability to pursue their ideal dream lifestyles.

This team knows what they’re talking about. Cimbala and Alberts also hold the highest 2 positions in the Top Earners List.

Anderson Helps His Marketing Associates

OneLife indepedent marketing associate

What appeals to Chester is the people-helping value of OneLife’s Diamond rank. This allows him and his marketing associates to dramatically financially and qualitatively enhance the lifestyles of the Caribbean’s populations in ways that his benefactors may not have previously thought were possible.

To further his own goals with helping people in the Caribbean improve their quality of life, Chester actively promotes the Diamond rank to others, assisting them with obtaining the ranking and helping them reach their own goals and fulfilling their own dreams in the process.

Chester envisions his success by setting short-term milestones. Within the next 12 months, he wants to assist 1 percent of the Caribbean Islanders with owning their own OneCoin assets. Knowing that this means adding an additional 400,000 miners, Chester states that it also gives him the opportunity to increase the financial education of Caribbean peoples with the most recent leading-edge information, enabling them to become part of this imminent next boom in the financial markets.

When relating his sentiments about the OneLife program, for Anderson Chester it all boils down to his team, without whom, he acknowledges, his efforts and vision would not materialize.

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